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No matter how attractive you find someone else, your sexual gratification does not outweight their privacy or worth. The person who is leaking the pictures of celebrates truly is pond scum, feeding of the personal lives and fame of people who have now been degraded on a global scale. I hope justice is done and those ranting about these pictures as being a god send do find some morality. 


"I spent four years studying to get a degree in law, and I’ve spent almost as long trying to find a job. Here, unless you’re the family of someone in government, nobody will hire you. I sold my last cow, and now my money is almost completely gone. I’m getting evicted so I’ll have no choice but to go back to the village with my grandparents. At least we have farms there. After all this time in school, I’ve almost forgotten how to dig.” 

(Kampala, Uganda)


*wipes tears* I can’t believe this is over












“Filipinos… the black girls of Asians.” —Donald Glover


Donald, why are you making me hate you all of the sudden?




OK, so let me get this straight:

  • Donald Glover doesn’t like black women.
  • Donald Glover has a fetish for Asian women.
  • But Donald Glover doesn’t like Filipino women because they are the “black girls of Asians”.


We should point out the weird intersectionality problem involving more complex issues like internalized antiblackness, fetishization, and toxic black male attitudes towards black women that’s going on here.

-Mod C

but how you shit on both black women and filipina women in one anti-black misogynist fetishizing swoop? He literally attacked asian women who didnt fit into his exotic fetish of what they should be, by shitting on black women.

….. I thought I liked him a while ago and then I realized he’s a piece of shit. 

It’s like misogynoiristic, orientalist-fetish bingo. Ew…

He actually said that he likes “the black girls of every culture.” Which is still filled with misogynoir. He said Filipinas were the “black” Asian girls and he referred to Armenians as the “black” white girls. 

Basically he doesn’t like black girls. He fetishizes Asian girls. He deals with internalized racism (the whole cumming when she called him a “nigger”). And then he likes the “blackness” when its not on black girls. Which we’re not new to. Our features/aesthetics without our bodies/skin color. 

He’s problematic as fuck. That’s why we’re not watching Spiderman. 

He’s basically a weeabro. He was called white and oreo in the primary school years, which he uses to jusitfy hating certain types of black people He went to college expecting white people to be different … They werent … They were racist , then he put his hopes into asians since theyre poc.

I know 16 dudes just like this. Me and all my homies were just like this freshman year. Like i literally was super close to my weeabro friend but we didn’t go out because i wasn’t asian . My other only slept with this black girl
Because she was half chinese (she looked completely black )
Shit freshman year i was this , thankfully i learned quick that asians are racist too and that fetishizing them is annoying and i walked into an afr-amer stidies and asian american lit class in one semester .
Im hoping he’ll break out of this , i did and i was just like this when this was filmed , and the same homies i know did by now too
real talk he prob already did cuz this is old but thats just my opinion .
My fav is problematic

I don’t know why certain sexual preferences is now considered misogynistic… having freedom over who you are attracted to and not necessarily being able to consciously decide who you find attractive applies to all of us. I’ve known of women who state preference over certain ethnicities and things like height, that doesn’t make them men haters. People like certain genders, body types, cultural identities, personalities, percieved class etc but that doesn’t make them supporters of male or female hate mongering. Without individual differences and preferences in mating, our populations would be far less diverse. 

The only reason men on average find blondes more attractive is because it’s genetically rarer, therefore to mate with them would promote genetic diversity. I can’t say i’ve looked into it but the same could apply to interracial attraction among other forms of attraction. 

P.s. He’s a comedian, his comments when performing do not always have to represent his opinions, they could be hyperbolic, in jest, satirical or just for plain shock value. Don’t take things in complete seriousness all the time.

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Paramore & fan-dinosaur

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Daydream: 300 and something.


Holy hell Reading was one of the best weekends and best birthday presents ever. Me and my favourite person in the world, living in a boling/freezing tent for the weekend, eating junk food, wearing hats and singing to bands for hours.  absolutely perfect. 

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